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Preparing for a Product Information Management project

13. april 2023

Many companies still struggle with manual, resource-heavy product management processes which affect lead time on products and heightens the risk of inconsistent and flawed data.

On top of that, demand for high-quality Product information is increasing. Customers demand more and better product data, governments continue to set up regulatory compliance rules and an increasing number of sales channels and marketplaces require companies to deliver data that comply with their respective data models. 

Instead of building more manual and complex processes to support these rising demands, companies should look at how to rethink and optimize their current product data processes. This can be done with a Product Information Management system that serves as a single source of truth for product data to all your sales channels and contains the tools that can automate, streamline and improve your day-to-day processes.

But how do you find out if a Product Information Management system is what your company needs? 

And if it is, how do you get your stakeholders onboard and secure management buy-in?

These are some of the questions we will try to answer at this webinar with Carl Henningsson, Senior PIM Consultant at Novicell.


This webinar will give you insights into these topics:

• Why should your company invest in a Product Information Management system?

• What are the benefits of a PIM system?

• Typical challenges we have seen and how these are solved with a PIM system.

• What should be prepared prior to initiating a PIM project?

• Tips on how to secure buy-in from management


This webinar is relevant for:

Companies that have product data challenges and are curious on how to go about a Product Information Management project.

Managers, PO’s and other roles in your company responsible for your product data, who seek inspiration on how to start a Product Information Management project and the do’s and don’ts prior to implementation.

Companies that have identified that a PIM system will benefit their organization but might need help preparing for it.