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New ecommerce opportunities in the manufacturing industry

30. november 2022

Does your manufacturing company offer customers to shop online?

The world has changed significantly over the past 3 years – especially in trade between companies. The COVID pandemic and macroeconomic challenges have put a high pressure on supply chain in many industries. This has resulted in long supply times and alternative solutions to complete orders.

However, with limitations come opportunities. The limited physical contact has made companies in all industries to adapt to a more digital approach - also within the manufacturing industry. 

Manufacturing companies - also with highly complex and customised products - have embraced digital sales platforms to make it easier for customers to place order online and to serve them after-sales. And it is here to stay. Join the webinar and be inspired about digital sales platforms and how to get started. The solutions exist.

The webinar provides insight into:

• Trade changes in B2B manufacturing markets in the past years

• Key levers to utilise digital sales platforms for delivering customer engagement

• How to build a digital roadmap to do the right things in the right way

 The webinar is relevant for:

• Companies offering customised products (made-to-order) and who want to pursue digital opportunities in selling to and serving customers

• CTO, CMO, CCO, CIO and CEO, Ecommerce Managers, Head of Digital 


45 minutes